korilian (korilian) wrote,

Thor, is the place to be

So I'm finding myself utterly addicted to Thor fandom these days, to the point where I'm even writing for Norsekink (except I'm not really good at the kinky stuff :). Figured it was high time I shared my obsession with the class.

Title: The best laid plans of Gods and men.
Summary: Loki has a plan. Unfortunately he also has fans.
Fandom: Thor, Avengers.
Pairing: Gen.
Warnings: noncon in a off-screen crack way (don't judge me).

Title: Push the button.
Summary: “Did you know,” Loki whispered into his ear, “that green is my favorite color?”
Fandom: Thor, Avengers.
Pairing: Loki/Hulk.
Warnings: Loki being a creeper.

Title: When abstinence fails.
Summary: Loki tries to put a stop to all of his baby troubles.
Fandom: Thor.
Pairing: Gen. 
Warnings: Mpreg crack. (You might not know this if you're not in Thor fandom, but it's all Mpreg, all the time. It's canon you know :).

Title: A mixture so divine.
Summary: Heimdall was born of nine mothers.
Fandom: Thor.
Pairing: Gen.
Warnings: none.

There's also a WIP, that I'll post here if I ever finish and Art!

Tags: art:thor, fandom:thor, fic:thor
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