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Korilians Death-Ray

I'm in your orbit, threatening your planet

Marvel_Bang Art: We might be radioactive Cover for Croik
This was a pinch hit for the talented Croik for the marvel_bang. I never did manage to work the title in there. 

Story: We Might be radioactive by croik
Peter misses his chance at saving the world alongside the Avengers, but he's not out. After a coincidental meeting with Captain America he decides his best hope of joining the superhero team is to scale Stark Tower and talk to the big man himself. Instead of finding Tony, though, he meets Bruce, who has taken up temporary residence in the Tower at Tony's insistance. Impressed by "Spider-Man's" home made gadgets, Bruce invites Peter back to the Tower the next night, and over the following week they become friends doing science-y things. But between Bruce's dry spell, Peter's raging teen hormones, and Bruce not realizing it's teen hormones at work, it's not long before things get complicated--and complicated some more when Peter's vigilante antics unwittingly release a threat that'll take the Avengers to handle.
Art by Korilian: photo manip.